Saturday, 27 July 2013

We have a house, a dog, two cows and chicken! least for a week. We have a large house with an amazing view all for ourselves. How? We are housesitters :)
Karen and Colin are on holiday with their two small daughters and were looking for someone to care for their house and animal while they are gone. We were lucky and looked on the couchsurfing homepage just at the right time. We were sad to leave the Waitapu retreat so soon, but we already know we will come back there.
For now, it is good to have some time in the middle of nowhere, just sitting in the house at cloudy days, enjoying the fireplace and relax. Kay uses the opportunity to work over a lot of photos.

We have a dog here, Lulu, whose favourite 'activity' is lying in front of the fireplace and sleeping. She barely moves, only for a little walk in the garden or to eat. The other animals are a few chicken and two cows. Usually they are not much work, but today one of the cows decided to give us something to do and sqeezed through the (non electric) fence to have a bite of grass in the garden. 'The grass is always greener on the other side' seems to be their life's motto. So we tried to get the cow back into its paddock. It must have been half an hour of chasing it through the garden (yes, it's a big garden. And includes a small wood, so there are many directions to run to). After endless waving with arms and sticks, and me worrying to be knocked down by a running cow, it had mercy with the weird waving humans and squeezed itself back through the fence into the paddock. We are hoping that we don't have to repeat that experience. But at least we didn't spend the whole day sitting in the house. 

Kay photo processing
Lulu at her favourite place

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