Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Beaches and Sunshine!

You just gotta love the weather in Northland!
Walking barefoot along beautiful beaches, having to think of the sunlotion every day, breakfast at 8am outside - that sounds like winter, doesn't it?

We only spent one night at our second couchsurfing host. Anna is a very funny, super active person, talking and laughing all the time and always up to find something to do. We shared the flat with her, her two flatmates and two other couchsurfers from France. It was a funny evening, but we decided to move on afterwards - because having found a campsite next to the beach we could't get ourselves to drive back into the city.
Getting there was almost as good as the beach itself: A so called "Gravel" road, curves and curves and ups and downs, surrounded by ferns and palm trees. It felt like real jungle. Take a look at the video in the entry below ;)

As we reached the end of the road, a place called Whatipu (spoken Fatipu), we were overwhelmed by the view. Everything seems just so much more alive here: small rivers, hills full of trees we've never seen before (they looked a little bit African, weird as it sounds), sunrays all over the endless Green...
We will have to give you some pictures to see for yourselves, as soon as Kay has them ready.
So we had a walk to the beach - a black sand beach with very rough waves and wind. Incredibly beautiful!

We stayed there for the night, in hope of an even more beautiful sunrise and set up the car for sleeping. We found out that three matresses are maybe a little bit too much. Yes, we had a very soft bed. A VERY soft bed that sank in about half a meter when we sat on it :) But it was pleasantly warm in our new little home and the rain didn't affect us at all.

By the way: we made a decision about our car's name. It's 'Sam' now, since it's gonna carry us all the way to 'Mordor' and back again :)

So, rain was not so bad in the night, but it messed up the sky at sunrise and Kay didn't get any more photos :) We broke up our camp and drove the beautiful gravel road back to get to yet another great beach: Karekare. This one was really huge, also black volcanic sand and with a very nice walkway leading through forest and over dunes. This was the time for me to get off my shoes :)

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