Monday, 29 July 2013

Discovering Whangarei

Today the view from 'our' house presented itself in a beautiful morning mist, covering all the fields and leaving only the hills on the horizon. We agreed that we should try to find this sight in a more natural area, like one of the national parks... We are really looking forward to trave again.

I drove to Whangarei to have a walk around the town. Since it is not really big, there is not so much to do, but it has several art centers and beautiful surroundings.
What I didn't know before is that most of the museums are closed on mondays...
So I discovered the surroundings. I followed a beautiful walking track through the bush up to Mt Parihaka. It winds along a little stream through fern, palm and Kauri trees. It was a great walk and had a nice view on the top, though it was mostly on the town. It's a pity that Kay didn't come, would have been some nice photos - you will just have to imagine :)

On my way back I had a look at the town basin. There is a mystic walkway through the mangroves, which are not very big, but nevertheless were a great sight in the glittering sunlight of today.
When they open up, you find yourself in the marine, filled with nice small (and probably very expensive) boats and yachts.

I finished my day with a late lunch at one of the riverside cafés and drove back, having a breathtaking view on the green hills in the evening light.

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