Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Mangawhai Heads

Sam's quest today: Mangawhai Beach and oil check

We had a very nice walk on Mangwhai beach today, though we didn't manage to do the 3 hours Cliff track - maybe another time :) But again we got some wonderful views over the seaside in pure sunshine.
On the way back we checked Sam's oil level to find out that he was really thirsty... Now everything's good again and Sam runs absolutely smooth!

Tomorrows mission: fixing a fence that was run over by a cow :)

After dinner we enjoyed the luxury of soaking in our host's hot tub under the starry sky... That's not exactly what we expected from "working on farms". They do have cattle yes, but they also have a huge house with a tennis court a pool and the spa. We are really amazed ;)

Our new alarmclock. Goes about every 30 minutes, starting at 5am.

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