Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Hey there!

We spent the last few days at the house of a family, originally from Russia, who gave us a whole room for ourselves to sleep in. They have two little sons and seem to be loving outdoor activities, so they could give us a few suggestions on what to do.

Now, after a weekend of looking for our new home, we finally have it! It is a Honda Odyssey '97 (great name for a travellers car, isn't it?), whose former owners are Germans as well.
We met them on the first car market on Saturday, where they gave us some useful tips about most everything, for example insurance and how to smuggle someone over the ferry between the two islands (which they didn't really recommend) :)
We checked some other cars as well, but this one was just perfect: already equipped with camping gear and a bed, everything worked well, automatic gear, not too small and not too big and not very old, either (in comparison to other campervans).
So we met them again on sunday, tested it and made a deal.

Apparently it is tradition among backpackers here to give their car a name for good luck. We were not able by now to agree on a name. So now we need your help to find a name for our car! Pls leave a suggestion in the comment section below =)



  1. AnonymousJuly 02, 2013

    hm...soll es ein weiblicher oder männlicher Name sein??? :D habt ihr selbst Ideen?

  2. How about "Ody" ;-)

  3. I think “Roky” will do. Since you’re backpackers and you’re going through a lot of dirt roads, it can be a cool name for your car. Anyway, have you named it already? Keep us updated!

    Asheley @Infinitiofannabor.com

    1. Our car is called Sam / Sammy now :)
      He is still doing a great job!

  4. Sam is a great name for your car, Lisa! You're pretty lucky to stumble upon a car that suits your outdoor activities. Moreover, it looks spacious, and I believe you're not experiencing any trouble with packing your bags for a long trip. It's been a while now, and I haven't had any car mishaps. Good day!

    Sarah Erwin @ Baldwin Subaru