Friday, 5 July 2013

Changing Places

Our car and us are ready to go!
Yesterday we bought some new wiper blades so that driving in rainy weather is actually possible again. Now we spend our time driving and walking around the town.
Driving on the left side is not as bad as we feared. So far I've been the only one driving and Kay navigating, but it's easy to get used to and you can hardly get lost in Auckland. Having an automatic car also helps not getting too confused.

Now we have a new matress to sleep on and heaps of cooking equipment. The only thing we'd like to change any time soon is to get some more space in the car with a wooden construction as a bed. But for now, it's ready for sleeping.

The plan is now to find a farm for one or two weeks of WWOOFing in Northland. Let's see where we end up ;)
Today we move to the next couchsurfing host: A shared flat with several people. We leave on sunday - you can look forward to some nice pictures of the seaside!

This is a small graveyard we saw on our walk today. Overgrown with trees (also palm trees) and with some nice old statues.

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