Monday, 30 December 2013

Mingling with seals in New Plymouth

Before heading towards Wellington, where our ferry goes at 8th of January, we spent another couple of nights at a couchsurfing place near Inglewood. It is a super friendly, welcoming family from Holland, living in a house they built themselves on a little hill surrounded by paddocks. They are amazing hosts and we are having a great time filled with playing guitar, interesting talks, relaxing and catching up with our photos and the blog.

Following their advice we went to see a local seal colony right next to the port. It was amazing to watch them – they are quite used to humans, because it is a popular fishing spot as well. As long as you don't get too close or come between them and the water, they are quite relaxed. We couldn't stop taking photos :)

Next to the colony, Paritutu rock is a nice natural lookout and worth the many steps and the steep (almost vertical) climb to the top. We had a good look at the mountain and the surrounding ranges from up there – just a few clouds around it.


  1. Hi, the photos look great! In the text above you mentionned a family from Holland. I am also going to Inglewood on my trip and I am interested to spent some time at their place as well. Do you have an email adress so that I can contact them? It would be very nice to hear from you! Steffi

    1. Hi there, thanks a lot!
      just send me a mail to ls[at], I can give you some details.