Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Sun and Rocks - Day Two at Froggatt

Sunburned and exhausted, but happy we left Froggatt this monday, after almost nine hours of climbing, cheering, laughing, lying in the sun and enjoying the views. It was quite a contrast to the last time we were there: Blue sky and a hot sun instead of wet walls and rain.
We did some great climbs and came to the conclusion that the grading doesn't really make any sense at Froggatt - but it's fun anyway :)

We left late in the afternoon and were rewarded for our climbing efforts with a beautiful rainbow and a glowing red sunset behind the hills. (And an icecream at Mc Donalds. :-)

Here are some pictures...


  1. Tolle Tochter, tolle Bilder, tolles Land !
    Pass' auf Dich auf - L.G. Papa

    1. Danke :) War ein genialer Kletterausflug! Liebe Grüße zurück!