Thursday, 24 October 2013

Lights in Auckland

Diwali - The Indian Festival of Lights

Last weekend Auckland celebrated the Indian Festival of the returning light, with a lot of music, performances, vegetarian food, henna tattoos and colorful clothing around the city square. Diwali (coming from deepavali, 'row of lights')  is the festival of light's triumph over darkness. It's one of the most important festivals of the year in India. The atmosphere was great and so was the food :D And, finally, I found one of the comfortable Indian style trousers I love so much - ready for summer now! 

These are a few photos shot on the way - and exploring Auckland: 

Sylvia Park shopping center, right next to where we live

Public toilets in Auckland - New Zealand is really great in that, always clean, even in the big cities.

Cute, isn't it? There are that few trains in this country that they need to warn people about train wires...

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