Saturday, 29 June 2013


 So this is winter in Auckland: Sun's shining, 11° outside (in the sun it feels like 20) and danger of being sunburned.

We went out to open a bank account today at ANZ.  It was really easy, took us only 20 minutes and costs nothing.
We were advised by a nice guy from France who chattered a bit about how cool and safe New Zealand is, where to look for a car and how he moved here :)

Before that we took a first look at a car market - which actually consisted of ten cars in total. But we met a German couple leaving soon and their car looks quite cool. It's 2600$ though, so we decided to wait a bit and get some more impressions.
Tomorrow we will check out the Ellerslie car market, hoping there will be a bit more to see.

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  1. If you ever want to set up a business in New Zealand - import Sunlotion! That stuff sells at incredible prices here. You want a little bottle of sunlotion? That's 22$ then (like 15€).